Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy new year! ♥ 2013 ♥ Let's re-cap 2012 :)

Feels like de javu again.. :) "With the sheer excitement of holiday's this year, I completely forgot to write my year ending blog post! So, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are having a very happy new year."

I thought 2011, was exciting, but CI just keeps getting more and more amazing every year. 2012 started off with commissions by big brands such Blackberry UK, YSL, Benefit and ITV1 TV show All Star Mr & Mrs. Then CI received the biggest commission to date, a full size telephone booth.

Alot of you will have heard of the BT ArtBox exhibition that took place in London in July. We had the great pleasure of fully covering a Union Jack on one of the ArtBox's! It was designed by the very famous Sir Peter Blake. This all took place during the Queen's Jubilee, so it couldn't have been a more patriotic time at Icey HQ. We were on an extremely tight deadline, but lo and behold we completed applying approx 400,000 Swarovski Elements in just 10 very very long days (early mornings-late nights). But it was worth every moment to be a part of something so special. It has to be a Crystal Iced commission/challenge that we can never forget. 

Here are the pictures of the glorious ArtBox fully covered in 400,00 Swarovski Elements:

If one wasn't enough we were asked to complete another Sir Peter Blake 2012 Union Jack ArtBox. As you might have guessed this was the reason for very few blog updates last year. It has to have been the most manic, exciting time ever!

Shortly after completing the ArtBox's we started work on Crystallizing products for the Harvey Nichol's Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool. I got to design beautiful products for companies such as Creme De La Mer, Origins, Benefit and many more.

Our year ended with a massive commissions by Samsung UK and Rimmel. We fully covered over one hundred Samsung Galaxy Note II's, using more than 275,000 Swarovski Elements and covered various products such as mascaras and lipsticks for Rimmel London using 500,000+ Swarovski Elements.

So as you can realise, after such a busy year our two weeks off for Xmas was a peaceful time of the year. But it's nice to be back at work. Happy new year all, can't wait to see what 2013 unfolds.