Wednesday, May 23, 2012

J Cole Dreamville Design

Earlier this year I was commissioned by the lovely Suman to make the following design on her Blackberry Bold 9780:

Here is the finished result:

Suman very kind sent me this testimonial, which was on the website for months:
" i recieved my phoneee and it looks absolutley amazingg better than i could have ever imagined! The crystals look so blingy i love it and the lettering is perfect just the way i wanted it! the service was brilliant kept me informed at each step when you recieved my phone and when you were putting the actual crystals on, reassured me as i was apart from my phonr for so long lol, they way it arrived in the post was wickeddd the packaging looked really good and everything was professional and so friendly and personal at the same time. im so glad i found you to do my phone as no one else could have done it as good a job thankkk you so much. you answered my 100 questions and made my phone look sexyy.
if j cole spots my phone at his concert which im going to i shall let u kno nd il tell him to give u a massive shoutout...thats wishful thinkin but maybe he will notice me and my phone haha i really do live in dreamvile loool! thank you so much for making my phone perfect i actually am in love with it you did an amazing job, love suman xxxxx "

I have always thought be careful what you say as it may come true and to my amazement Suman's word came true and the phone was spotted by J Cole and in his video Sideline Story:

Thanks so much for the tip off Suman, hope you are enjoying using your amazing and now very famous design :) xoxo


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