Saturday, May 5, 2012

Challenges, Thank You Cards and a CI Wedding! :)

Time is flying by and taking a month off work didn't help much because time flew by even quicker :) 

For all who were wondering why CI was closed in April, well basically I was getting married, hence HQ had to close till I got back.
For everyone who is wondering who the lucky guy is, here he is... Me and my husband Adeel:

Now that we're back to work, I'm having an awesome time creating exclusive designs for some of the biggest brands in the UK/world. To name drop a few: new series of ITV1 All Star Mr & Mrs, Blackberry, Benefit & YSL. So yeah it's a bit crazy here right now. 

I also wanted to share with you this amazing commission from Sharon Preece, my very special long time customer. Sharon basically wanted the following Louboutin shoes design on her iPhone 4s case:

A bit of a challenge right? I would say a HUGE challenge. Heres how it turned out:

Sharon absolutely loves her new phone and I'm so pleased it turned out so well. And on another exciting front I received my 13th thank you card from Nicola Brown, our Facebook competition winner who also had some Loubs on her iPhone 4s:

Thank you so much Nicola! It is now proudly on display in the CI office. xoxo

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