Sunday, November 13, 2011

"VOGUE - The Secret Address Book" features Saima Anwar & Crystal Iced

It is so exciting to be included in the VOGUE Secret Adress Book, which is in the December 2011 issue of Vogue UK.
To quote in the words of Vogue:
"Saima Anwar
Call it personalisation, customisation, or prettification but we are endlessly tempted to decorate generic objects making them your own. If you'd like your decorative flourishes to have more decorative flair call on Saima Anwar. Swarovski elements are the detail of choice for this meticulous craftswoman and she can personalise any object you desire."

Love it!! Thank you for all the lovely emails, messages & requests I have been receiving in relation this article xoxo

Estee Lauder Swarovski Lipstick Designs by Crystal Iced

Estee Lauder LIPSTICKS with Swarovski Crystals! These are officially the hotest accessory around. You can swap the lids onto a new lipstick when required.

The 8 cute designs will be available are 8 different shades of lipsticks. As they are limited edition, they can only be purchased this Christmas at Harrods (2011). So make sure you get your hands on you EL "lippy" before it sells out.
I'm so very proud of these designs I made for Estee Lauder! :D

Crystal Iced "Rainbow Brite" iPhone 4

So I received a challenge to create Rainbow Brite on the back of an iPhone for my long time client Helen! Helen always asks for the cutest Crystal Iced designs for her phone, but this had to be one of the most challenging design I had received (ever).

The above picture is the brief.. To create Rainbow Brite on the white iPhone 4. Here are the results:

I'm so happy Helen requested this design, because it's just showed me that there is no limit to what can be done at Crystal Iced! 
Helen loves her new Rainbow Brite Crystal Iced iPhone 4 and it just looked stunning in real life too xoxo

The MOST amazing high heel shoes in the WORLD

After watching Beyonce's "Telephone" video (by Lady Gaga) I remember spotting a gorgeous pair of high heel shoes she was wearing.

This inspired me to put forward a challenge to myself, to create a Swarovski Crystal version of the shoes. After over a year of pondering (& having little time also) I finally decided to go ahead any make my Diamant et Perles design on the shoes in almost every Swarovski shade available! The results were jaw dropping...
I've never seen a prettier pair of Swarovski heels in my life and anyone who see's them has to agree. Heres a video:

The amazing response to these shoes led to a prettiful commission by one of my clients Amanda. Amanda wanted the same design on her white Blackberry 9780 mobile phone, so I went for a more silver base colour and all the pretty colours too. Here is what I came up with:

Amanda adores her Diamant et Perles BB 9780 and so do I! The huge variety of Swarovski colours used on the phone make you want to sit and stare it it for hours on end 

Alex Song Arsenal Footballers Crystal Iced Trainers

Hi all,

Been a while since I blogged last, but have been working on some super amazing projects and commissions, hence the delay.

First of all I would like to share with you a pair of fully covered trainer's which belong to the one and the only ALEX SONG, footballer for Arsenal. I went for blacks and silver tones to keep the look very classy and manly of course:

Colours used were: Jet, Cosmojet, Crystal & Jet Hematite. 

Alex loves his new Crystal Iced trainers! :) xoxo