Thursday, April 28, 2011

Living on a Crystal lined Cloud #9

It's common practice for me to have a big smile on my face at work. I love my job lots and lots and especially am thrilled when receiving an envelope addressed to me like this:

Oh yes! It contained my 11th thank you card from Kemi Liza and its out of this world cute! The message inside is the sweetest.

It is now proudly on show in my office. Making any other business owners who visit me very jealous indeed :) 
I love how my collection makes jaws drop in awe. 

More to the point, heres the design I created for Kemi Liza's Blackberry Torch:

Explains why shes in love with CI right? :) Thank you Kemi for sending me to cloud #9. Very sweet card 

We're also currently working on a fabulously sparkly project for some huge brands! Watch this space for more info. 

Blog again soon. Ttys xoxo

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