Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to Create a CI'd Crazy Cupcake Manicure

Don't you think these nails are amazing? Mad manicures... We ♥ them :)

I think it's something that has to be tried at one point or another (it's so simple). It's basically inspired by our CandyPop Cupcake Ring, which is a gorgeous little kitsch ring made with Swarovski Crystals. Here's how you can make the nails to match..
You will need:
1. Moderately good sized nails.
2. Pink and white nail varnish.
3. Swarovski Crystals, or whatever type you can get hold of.
4. A slim brush.
5. A bit of time to experiment. (and maybe some nail varnish remover in case things go wrong).
How to do it:
1. Apply one full layer of pink to your nails using your nail varnish brush.
2. Apple white coloured nail varnish to the tips of your nails. A bit like frosting. You will need to put your crystals in the white nail varnish before it dries.
3. Then using a thin paint brush, apply a thin line across (like in the picture).
4. Voila! Leave the nails to dry, slip on your ring if you haven't already and your good to go!

Heres a picture of a similar style, featuring the CandyPop Strawberry Ring, credit goes to Kayleigh Beaumont. Lovely client and friend of CI/CPJ. She is the inspiration behind me creating the Cupcake nails! Thank you Kay. We  xoxo

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