Thursday, February 24, 2011

We ♥ Google!

Did I tell you I'm in love with Google? It's nothing new... It's just that I do everything with Google day in day out. Let's not get started on this topic because I could go on forever :) *I really do love Google*.
Google is the coolest brand in the world and to receive a commission from them has to be the highlight of the start of this year (along with the launch of CPJ of course). Project was to CI 6 of the Google Nexus S phones for a competition. Here is what we came up with:
Out of this world! Especially with the cute Android on it. The background is made up of Cosmojet Swarovski stones, with the Google logo and Android outline made up of Crystal, and the Android filled with Jet. Google was very impressed indeed!

Also, for all who are curious and didn't catch our Facebook post, this is what we made for our competition winner Claire Kellichan last month:

Claire went for the legendary Diamant et Perles style, in custom colours of her choice. Crystal AB, Pearl background, with accents of Amethyst and Light Rose. Initial CK was made in Purple Velvet. Extremely sparkly and the ultimate design to go for.
Claire also sent me this thank you card, which was extremely sweet of her, as I really didn't expect it. Thank you so much Claire. Its my 10th card to date. Will be treasured for ever and ever:


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