Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New - Crystal-Iced™ BMW Mini Cooper Emblems

After months of experimenting, Crystal Iced is now proud to announce we can CI the exterior of your ride, and its all weather and wash proof. How fabulous! Now available to purchase directly on the website are Crystal Iced BMW Mini Cooper emblems:
And matching keyrings:
Watch this space for more CI'licious exterior car icing. Or if you want it quick, get in touch with your personal requests.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Crystallized Apple iPod Touch 4G (latest model).

It's always fun playing with the latest model of Apple gadgets and I must stay, Apple have smashed it again with their latest version of the iPod Touch... the 4G. Its so much similar to the new iPhone 4, but without the phone of course.  With its back and front facing camera you can FaceTime too!. I'm sold :)
And heres what we're doing to them:
Now available to purchase on the Crystal Iced website.
Also now in stock iPod Touch 4G cases:

Made using AB Swarovski Crystals. Simply stunning!


We've named them!

After much deliberation and lots of fantabulous names suggestions for the new designs, we've named them! Please see my previous post for images in reference to the design number.

Here's what we went for:
Design 1: Fairytale Flutter, by Sammie Brooks
Design 2: Glistening Rose, by Kirsty Holland
Design 3: Candy POP, by Kayleigh Beaumont
Design 4: Love Cupcake, by Jade Eustace

I love them all thank you. Complimentary charms are being arranged to sent to all the winners. 

Until next time..... ttys :) should be soon. x x