Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Xmas & Best wishes for 2011 from Crystal Iced.

It has been a very very hectic few weeks in the run up to Xmas, but now that all the orders have been sent an delivered (thank you Royal Mail for doing us proud even through the snow) we are on holiday until the 4th of Jan. Trust me we need it  ;)

It has been a fun year @ Icey HQ and the CI lovin just keeps on growing. My thank you cards line is getting HUGE. I love you guys!! and the fact that you love my designs my work :)

You all know how I love to come out with the jaw dropping designs..... So before I bid adieu for 2010 feast your eyes on our new range, which come with matching charms.

This one is called: Vintaj Rose:
This one is called Cupcake:

This is a new service which is offered exclusively by Crystal Iced, as part of our bespoke range.

All this excitement aside, some super amazing news in the new year too. I cannot wait to share it with you all.

Keep safe, keep well and see you all in 2011.

Best wishes


Friday, December 10, 2010

How many crystals are used on our Diamant et Perles design?

1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... skip to 1000.... 2000.... 3000.... nearly four thousand all individually applied by hand. *wow* indeed.

This seems to be the question on everyones lips after the launch of our Facebook competition last week.

Our Diamant et Perles is one of the most stunning designs in the range and uses the most amount of crystals too. Each phone varies so we decided to use an iPhone 4 as an example.

The iPhone 4 pictured used a whopping 3889 Swarovski Crystals and after much searching, our winner of a Crystal Iced customisation is Claire Kellichan! Congratulations.

More competitions soon, so keep in touch.

x x

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Snowing. Let's have Some Fun. It's Competition Time.

I'm giving away the chance to win a Crystal Iced customisation for your mobile phone, in any design of your choice.

  • To enter for your chance to win, just leave a comment on this image on our Facebook page and tell me how many Swarovski Crystals you think have been used for the following Diamant et Perles design.

  • Deadline to enter is the Wednesday the 8th of December at 8pm GMT.

  • One winner whose entry is closest to the true figure of Crystals used on the phone will be announced by the end of the week.

Goodluck guys! xx

P.S. If you don't use Facebook, we don't want you to miss out :) Please email me your Name, Address and Answer to: [email protected] for your entry. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New - Crystal-Iced™ BMW Mini Cooper Emblems

After months of experimenting, Crystal Iced is now proud to announce we can CI the exterior of your ride, and its all weather and wash proof. How fabulous! Now available to purchase directly on the website are Crystal Iced BMW Mini Cooper emblems:
And matching keyrings:
Watch this space for more CI'licious exterior car icing. Or if you want it quick, get in touch with your personal requests.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Crystallized Apple iPod Touch 4G (latest model).

It's always fun playing with the latest model of Apple gadgets and I must stay, Apple have smashed it again with their latest version of the iPod Touch... the 4G. Its so much similar to the new iPhone 4, but without the phone of course.  With its back and front facing camera you can FaceTime too!. I'm sold :)
And heres what we're doing to them:
Now available to purchase on the Crystal Iced website.
Also now in stock iPod Touch 4G cases:

Made using AB Swarovski Crystals. Simply stunning!

We've named them!

After much deliberation and lots of fantabulous names suggestions for the new designs, we've named them! Please see my previous post for images in reference to the design number.

Here's what we went for:
Design 1: Fairytale Flutter, by Sammie Brooks
Design 2: Glistening Rose, by Kirsty Holland
Design 3: Candy POP, by Kayleigh Beaumont
Design 4: Love Cupcake, by Jade Eustace

I love them all thank you. Complimentary charms are being arranged to sent to all the winners. 

Until next time..... ttys :) should be soon. x x

Sunday, October 31, 2010

New cute quirky n wacky designs. Lets name them.

This year has seriously flown by for me. Leaving me little time to put the ideas floating in my head to life. Before I went on my break about two weeks ago, I left my handy assistant at work. Heres what we came up with:
New Design 1:
New Design 2:
New Design 3:
New Design 4:

All cute and quirky in their own different way. I'm currently running a little competition on the Crystal Iced Facebook fan page to help name the designs. So please head on over and check it out and be in with a chance to win one of CI Charms.

Theres are so many more designs which have been envisioned so hopefully will soon be sharing them with you soon. Ttys x x

Monday, October 4, 2010

Crystal Iced on What Katie Did Next (WKDN)

Crystal Iced on TV again, as seen on What Katie Did Next. Some screen shots below. But I'm sure you all saw it :-)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Katie Price and her CI phone in The Daily Mail Today.

Katie Price has been featured on page 3 of the Daily Mail using her Crystal Iced phone in our "I heart" design. How fabulous!

Thank you Carly for the tip off :-) x x

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"I'm such a show off" :)

A few months back, I got to meet one of my loveliest clients Kayleigh! This is the iPhone Iceage I designed for her:

Design is: Cluster Iced w/ Name +Crown
Colours: Fuchsia, Light Rose, Indian Pink, Crystal, Rose.

Doesn't it look amazing. Kayleigh loved it and this is my super cute card from Kay Bo. It rocks thank you thank you thank you (this was my eighth cutie card) xxx

P.S. Blog post title is a Kayleigh Bo Quote :) 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

ITV2 Only Way is Essex Commission

Check out the stunning design I made for ITV2's new upcoming TV show The Only Way is Essex.It's a Blackberry 8520 case with the renown ITV2 logo. So keep a look out for it when the show airs this Autumn. It will be hard to miss this piece of CI bling bling! :)

Apple iPhone 4: Thou shalt be Iced

There was much speculation regarding the Apple iPhone 4 when it was released. The questions on everyones mind, can it be Iced?
My initial thoughts were why not? every phone is customisable, and after experimenting on one of own iPhone 4's, it proved correct. It looks stunning and extremely sleek.

Since then we have received several Apple iPhone 4 customisation orders and cases can be purchased online. After all it is one of the most stylish phones around.

Here are some images of an iPhone which was designed for Ricci:
- More phone images can be viewed in the gallery.

and I would like to say a big thank you to Ricci for this super lovely gesture. It's so sweet, I love it. My ninth card, largest one to date :-)

This will keep me happy for days :D xxx

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Design Made for Katie Price (aka. Jordan) in April

Checkout the new design Crystal Iced for Katie. I would like to think each of my designs for her out does the last, and for sure this ones a stunner, which she really loved. Currently designing Katie a new one.. exciting! Keep tuned for the reveal. It's going to be mega cute.

Design: Diamant et Perles Star w/ Name
Colours: Light Rose, Pearl, AB.
Exclusive to Crystal Iced.
All Crystal Iced design's are copy protected.

Our Epic Competition Winner in April - Emma Phillips

It's been a long time since I blogged last. I do apologise and will try to keep up to date in future. On April the 15th, we decided upon the winner for the competition which was held on Facebook. Though it was picked at random, I'm so happy Emma won and if anyone was watching the big reveal of the winner, I'm sure you will recall, it's a name I'll never forget.... :-)

Here's the design Emma went for, Diamant et Perles of course:
and I would just like to also say thank to Emma for the card. It's so cute and will be cherished for life. My sixth one to date :-)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crystal Iced does not trade under any other names.

Just a quick post to bring to the attention of everyone; Crystal Iced does not trade (and not affiliated) with any 3rd parties.

Crystal Iced and is one company, which is run by Saima Anwar and I do it with such passion that I wouldn't make any lower class, poor quality companies, which sound similar. Thank you.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Win a Crystal Iced customisation, Blackberry and more in our Facebook Competition.

The competition is quite simple, all you have to do to enter is click on "like" on the following note on Facebook:

Winner(s) to be selected on 15th April 2pm.

Details of what the competition entails
If the Crystal Iced fan page reaches just 3000 fans, one person, who has entered by clicking on "like" this note, will be chosen at random and given the opportunity to have their phone Crystal Iced in any design of their choice for free. ANY DESIGN (this includes the infamous Diamant et Perles range)

If the Crystal Iced fan page reaches 5000 fans, two person(s), who have entered by clicking on "like" this note, will be chosen at random and given the opportunity to have their phone Crystal Iced in any design of their choice for free. ANY DESIGN (this includes the infamous Diamant et Perles range). And three person(s) will be chosen at random to win a Crystal Iced Charm.

If this Crystal Iced fan page reaches 10,000 fans, two person(s), who have entered by clicking on "like" this note, will be chosen at random and given the opportunity to have their phone Crystal Iced in any design of their choice for free, three person(s) will be chosen at random to win a Crystal Iced Charm. AND a 6th person will win a Crystal Iced Blackberry 8520 Curve Mobile Phone (Sim free), in any design of your choice.

Competition closes Thursday 15th April 2pm. Join in, invite or miss out! Remember if it's a success, I will run more of these competitions in future.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Latest Blackberry Design made for Katie Price (aka Jordan)

Recently, I Crystal Iced a new design for Katie Price's Blackberry, in black and pink. See the photos below. Personally, I thought the end results look fantastic and Katie absolutely loves it too. It is the first in the Diamant et Perles range to be made in a different colour scheme and it will be of many to come. Please see lower down in the post for pictures of Katie and the Blackberry. And Katie wearing the CI Chihuahua Charm on her Blackberry too (cute!).

Design: Diamant et Perles w/ Initial
Colours: Jet, Cosmojet, Pearl, Light Rose, Rose.
Exclusive to Crystal Iced.
All Crystal Iced design's are copy protected.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

All Star Mr and Mrs - 2010 Series

Crystal Iced is the office supplier, for the stunning carriage clocks, on ITV1 show All Star Mr & Mrs, which aired last Saturday on ITV1 at 8.30pm, and at Christmas. The first episode featured the renown Ice T and his wife Coco. Great opening episode, and so cool to hear him say that he would get Flava Flav to wear the Crystal Iced Carriage Clock that they won around his neck. Iced is the new bling.

Next episode is showing tonight, Saturday at 8.30pm.

To own your very own gorgeous carriage clock, please visit our online shop.