Monday, November 16, 2009

Katie's Crystal Iced Blackberry on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

Alot of you may have seen Katie Price (Jordan) and her CI Blackberry on yesterdays I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Also on GMTV & This Morning today.

Good luck to Katie! Bet she is going to miss her Berry whilst she's on the show :)

Katie Price aka Jordan and her Crystal Iced Blackberry in OK Magazine

OK Magazine | November 17th Issue | Page 12

Friday, November 13, 2009

Katie Price (Jordan) with her Crystal Iced Blackberry

Design: Diamant et Perles w/ Initial
Exclusive to Crystal Iced.

Paris Hilton with her Crystal Iced Blackberry

Here is a picture we recently stumbled upon of Paris Hilton and her Crystal Iced Blackberry. Looking as amazing as ever.
Design: Paris
Exclusive to Crystal Iced.

A Mini Collection of Thank You Cards

First I received one:
then another one:
and then another one (the latest one:)

So sweet. At times like this, I'm sure CI is the coolest Crystallization business around!
Happy days. Thank you to Kanye, Donna & Amir for the super sweet cards :)

Blackberry Ed Hardy Themes by - Awesome!

I stumbled upon the most amazing website by for Blackberry themes and I know alot of our clients and followers are Blackberry owners, so you must check out this website for some awesome awesome Berry themes:
Direct link to the Ed Hardy theme for the Blackberry 8900 can be found here.
It is tried and testing, and utterly fabulous!

All Star Mr and Mrs Carriage Clocks 2009/10

Just recently, we completed the 2009/10 Crystal Iced Carriage Clock project for ITV1 show All Star Mr and Mrs. As always it was a pleasure Icing them for the show, but ever since they went last week, the Crystal Iced office is feeling kind of empty with out them.
On the other hand, its nice to know they will be in a very happy home of a celebrity.... very very soon :)
I will keep you updated to let you know when the new series begins.