Monday, April 27, 2009

The Crystal Iced Office

We redecorated the office several month back - but just recently got round to taking some pic's for you guys to see.

There's loads more photos for you to see on Facebook. So do check out our profile! :-)

If you would like to come visit and drop off your item to be Iced, please call to make your appointment. T: 01254 330338
Visitor seating area..

Goody - Crystal Iced Hairbrushes

Its been almost three weeks since our last blog post, and that's because we have been so undated with requests and new projects. Lets start with the Iced hairbrushes we created for Goody. Don't they look fabulous!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Samuel Hextall Paris Hiltons British Best Friend Winner gets Crystal-Iced™

Crystal Iced is star struck ☆ as per usual.

Samuel Hextall Paris Hilton's British Best Friend Winner gets Crystal-Iced™ and we want to share the pics.

Need I say more - but how fabulous! and we were so honoured to Ice your Crackberry Samuel :)

Crystal Iced is a gift indeed!

Crystal Iced is now gift packaging all products, to ensure whether you are buying for yourself or a loved one.. they will receive their Iced gift in style!

Below is an example of how we package any mobile phones and small accessories sent into be Iced...

Remember, CI is for all, not just the rich and famous :)