Friday, October 10, 2008

Paris Hilton creating a buzz with her Crystal-Iced Blackberry!

Check out Paris Hilton with her sparkling Swarovski Crystal Iced phone. Picture shows Paris, who has been papparazied whilst entering London's Cuckoo Club. Paris is in town for the filming of upcoming ITV show Paris Hilton's British Best Friend (aka. BFF/BBF), more pics coming soon:

Paris Hilton Swarovski PhoneParis Hilton Swarovski Phone - Closeup


  1. that is mega amazing, so bling!!

  2. omg that is soo awesome i want one !! haha. is it a cover or are the swarovski crystals actually glued onto her blackberry ??

  3. The bling cases are hard case or sillicon?

    Do u have any bling cover for nokia phone such as nokia e71?