Friday, October 31, 2008

Crystal-Iced Apple iPhone 3G Mobile Phone w/ Swarovski Crystal - Video

Item: Apple iPhone 3G Mobile Phone
Design: Vine Swirls (in extra small Crystals)
Colours: Rose, Crystal

Happy Halloween..

Wishing everyone a very happy Halloween tonight. Enjoy the funky costumes, and lots and lots of candy tonight.. :)

Crystal-Iced Samsung J700 Pink w/ Swarovski Crystals - Video

Item: Samsung SGH-J700 Mobile Phone
Design: Scatter Crystal
Colours: Light Rose, Crystal, Pearl

Friday, October 24, 2008

Crystal-Iced GHD 2008 Kiss Pink Styler IV - Limited Edition

KISS GHD's most sought after styler

Effortlessly on-trend in gloss 80s-vibe fuschia pink, the striking styler comes packaged with three pink GHD lip glosses to suit your every mood, Dare, Dazzle and Demure for style and gloss in one gorgeous package.

Crystal-Iced will donate £10 for each GHD Kiss styler we sell - & we are only making 10 of the gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Crystallized stylers, so catch this offer while you can. It's a beautiful way to help a deserving cause too. Click on the image below to take you to the product in our shop.

Paris Hilton's Crystal-Iced Blackberry

Check out some more pictures of Paris Hilton's Crystal-Iced Blackberry.. FABULOUS!

Crystal-Iced iPod Nano-Chromatic w/Drifting Waves

The latest Apple iPod Nano - Available to buy in our Crystal-Iced Shop. Or get this Iced on your own iPod in the Boutique!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crystal-Iced Nintendo DS Lite Console - Video

Item: Nintendo DS Lite
Design: Retro Flowers
Colours: Light Rose, Jet, Rose, Black Diamond

Crystal-Iced Nokia 6300 Mobile Phone - Video

Item: Nokia 6300 Mobile Phone
Design: One colour
Colours: Jet

Crystal-Iced Apple iPhone 3G - Video

Item: Apple iPhone 3G Mobile Phone
Design: Lucky Swirls
Colours: Crystal, Light Rose, Aquamarine, Black Diamond

Crystal-Iced™ Nokia 6300 Mobile Phone w/ Jet Crystals

Sleek, sophisticated, simple, sparkly and just down right gorgeous! Our latest addition to the Crystal-Iced™ Collection. Available to buy in our Crystal-Iced Shop. Or get this Iced on your own phone in the Boutique!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Paris Hilton creating a buzz with her Crystal-Iced Blackberry!

Check out Paris Hilton with her sparkling Swarovski Crystal Iced phone. Picture shows Paris, who has been papparazied whilst entering London's Cuckoo Club. Paris is in town for the filming of upcoming ITV show Paris Hilton's British Best Friend (aka. BFF/BBF), more pics coming soon:

Paris Hilton Swarovski PhoneParis Hilton Swarovski Phone - Closeup

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Look Website

We have changed the look of the website slightly, and its looking gorgeous as usual. Still a few more adjustments to come, but we hope you are liking it..... :)