Monday, June 23, 2008 - Tiger Awards - Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2008

This year's Tiger Business Awards took place in the City of Bolton, at the renowned Reebok Stadium, on Friday 20th June 2008., was a finalist for the: Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and guess what? We won with flying colours. As the founder, owner, manager of (thats me: Saima Anwar, 23), I was delighted to accept the Award. It was the most amazing evening ever, I got to meet James Caan from Dragons Den (I idolise him, very very nice person :) ........"I hope to one day become the female version of James Caan", thats success wise.

I also met lots more lovely people such a Ilham Hamood, a fantastic photographer from Liverpool. Ilham also won an Award for her work, which was really cool (Congrats).
Denise from JED Technique (an amazing person). I also met the founders of iTeddy (great work, very cute invention), and loads more inspirational people..... I will add their names, as I remember :)

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  1. Congratulations, how lovely! I would love to meet James Caan x